Dear Roald Dahl,

Dear Roald Dahl,

I recently read ‘a drive in a motor-car’ in your book ‘boy’ I found it interesting, I would like to share with you a time in my life that was frightening.

It all happened when I was 5 and i was going to Cobourg lake ( Moreland park), me, my family, my aunty and uncles and their kids (cousins).at Cobourg lake there is a lake and there is all rocks and there is a deck. I was looking into the lake and I don’t know if one of my cousins pushed me but anyway, someone pushed me and I feel into the lake and it was very deep.

I was so little then I barely knew how to swim, and by that time i felt like I was going to just be floating in the water.

I don’t remember a lot but I think my dad or uncle came in to get me, I was so scared. But after what happen I didn’t go back into the lake or go near it again, and because the lake was open everyone could go in it but the water was dirty and it had fishes in it.

I’ve loved reading your books, I think nearly everyone has, and always remember you were a very good writer with a lot of humor. 

Thank you for reading my letter about something frightening that happen in my life, Sincerely, Zena.


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