Captain Hardcastle

Poor Roald Dahl! He really didn’t have much luck with his teachers did he?

I would like you to complete the following in a post on YOUR blog!

1. What do you dislike the most about Captain Hardcastle?

That he is always grumpy and negative, he lies, he always gets kids into trouble even though the kids tell the truth.

2. What was Prep?

Every weekday evening, the whole school would sit for 1 hour in the Main Hall, between 6-7 o’clock, to do Prep.

3. Why did Roald speak to Dobson in Prep?

Because his nib broke.

4. What was a Stripe? What did it mean?

A stripe meant, that if you got into trouble by one of the teachers, Headmaster or Captain Hardcastle.

5. If you were Roald and your nib broke in Prep what would you have done?

I would ask one of peers, instead of asking Captain Hardcastle

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