✌All About me✌

Hi my name is Zena Khoder, and I am 12 yrs. old. I was born on the 15/12/2001 at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

My main friends are: Chloey, Jojo, Mona, Yazi, Amenah, Holly, Lele, Linda, Phoebe and Chelsea.

Chloey Carli (CeCe) , have been friends for more than 3 yrs, we are pretty close.

And my other mains are important to me to they are half my life, if anything happen to them, I would be upset for them to.

In my family there are 6 members: Mum-Fatoum (32), Dad- Mohamed(31), Me- Zena(12), Brother-Omar(6), Brother- Moustafa(4) and Brother- Ismail(2).


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